Purple Orchids

Embrace your bedroom with plants

In this third chapter in the serie about plants I’ll focus on the bedroom.
Your bedroom is where you might spend the most time of any room in your house. Sure, it feels like you LIVE in your living room or kitchen, but when it comes down to clocking the number of hours you spend in any one place, it is probably your bedroom.

Embrace your living room with plants

The living room is the location in the house where a majority of outgassing materials may more typically be present, located in the furniture and textile. As I will note, these may be made of materials that contain toxic gases. 

Embrace your kitchen with plants

It’s finally spring again, my favorite season of all, when nature wakes up from the cold winter, flowers are blooming and the trees are becoming green again.
One of the most wonderful ways to decorate a space is with a help of flowers and plants, which bring a bit of nature into our urban environment.

Berlin Bear

I ❤️ Berlin II

I hope you enjoyed the first chapter of I love Berlin.
This time I would like to talk about Berlin as a monument city.

It felt to me as one big memorial place. Wherever you go you can see the damages of the World War II as most of the restorations left the demolished parts marked. On almost every step there is a monument or memorial. It might sound bad with a taste of tourist industry.