What is an interior architect and why do you need one?

An interior architect helps you understand your goals from the outset by studying your tastes, preferences and lifestyle to understand your desires.

She provides services ranging from project management, distribution and layout of the rooms and if necessary, assists with expansions.

She can design furniture or a custom made kitchen but can also help you with purchasing. An interior architect can help you with color and material advice, but also with electricity and / or lighting planning. Changes to both the interior and exterior of your home or business also belong to this field of study. It is important to keep the designer informed of any unexpected problems that require adjustments during the renovation. The interior architect has a better overview of the details and can offer you a stylish solution in consultation with the contractor.

Why do you need an interior architect?

For the same reason you hire an attorney, an accountant or doctor – as professionals and experts in their field, professional interior architects will provide the benefit of their training, skills and expertise in advising on the appropriate direction for your home / space.

How does an interior architect differ from an architect, interior designer or shop interior consultant?

The differences between an architect and an interior architect.

  • Approach: an architect builds from the outside to the inside. The interior will be determined by the construction of the building. This layout might not be ideal for your use. An interior architect thinks inside out; the shape of the building will be determined by the functionality of the interior. She can build extensions, move walls and even build new buildings up to three stories high.
  • Certificate: An interior architect can manage and supervise your project. She can arrange all of the needed permits, supplies and tradesmen, but she is not an engineer. An interior architect needs to consult an engineer for specific calculations and will need the engineer to sign off on the project before construction begins.

The difference between an interior designer and interior architect.
An interior designer can help you with cosmetic changes while an interior architect can help you in constructive and infrastructure changes as well.

The difference between an interior architect / designer and a shop interior consultant.
The range of the offer: in a store you have a particular product or brand and the consultant is limited to these brands and products. An interior designer chooses what suits you best and is not tied to a brand or specific product. It is true that there are many choices in the market and sometimes you cannot see the forest for the trees. Therefore, the interior designer selects some options that he thinks best suit you. After consultation, he may provide more options that fit within the project concept.

Finally, an interior architect is a multi-tasker who can assist and guide you in all phases of change. It is advisable to think carefully about what you want to achieve and explain this goal to the interior architect. It is the task of the interior architect to give space for your input in the design and to interpret and implement your wishes so it will reflect your personality and lifestyle.

This makes each project unique.

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