The meaning of the name Noffi is view, scene, landscape, panorama, scenery.

Noffi’s interior architecture stands for creative still functional design,​ innovative solutions, eye for details, flexibility and passion for people and their place.

With our expertise and wide reliable professional network we can guide you step by step all the way in the challenge of renovating / refurbishing your place in The Hague area.

We will save you time and mistakes and keep you on budget. Our goal is to create a place where you will rejoice every day again.

What can we offer you?

● New building ● Renovation ● Refurbishing ● Annex ● Dormer ● Conservatory ● Windows ● Ideal layout for your house or business space
● Furniture choice ● Custom made furnitures ● Lighting plan ● Electricity plan ● Colours’ advice ● Materials’ advice ● Windows’ decoration ● Kitchen ● Bathroom ● Children’s room ● Shop ● Office ● Loft

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Interior architecture team in The Hague

Noffi Yelloz

A painter takes a white canvas and draws a certain composition that comes to life with the help of colours and technique.

Just like the canvas to the painter, for Noffi the space is a white canvas. For her colors, light, material and the composition of walls and furniture are the painter’s brush that will make the charm of the room apparent to everyone.

A photographer looks through his lens and sees a composition that others do not see consciously.

Like the photographer, Noffi sees the possibilities that you at first haven’t seen.

An artist looks at a piece of wood or stone that looks very common but he sees in it something special. He cuts the unnecessary material away so we all can see that beauty.

Same as the artist, Noffi takes out the excess product offered in the market and keeps only what it is needed and matches it to make a harmonious space that you will enjoy every day.

For Noffi design is more than making a living,  It’s a way of life.

Erik van Liere

General technical solutions and administration work.

Why do people choose us?

  • You will get a design based on your needs, wants and styles. We translate YOUR personality into a unique space​
  • You will find us friendly, down to earth, enthusiastic and caring. Our connection with our clients is based on open and honest communication.
  • With our language skills and cross-cultural competence we provide an essential and complementary bridge to bring your project to successful completion.
  • No hidden fees or costs. It’s time to make your dream home come true with a little help from us.

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