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The Hague 2022 House Renovation Project

Thank you very much for all your help with our House Renovation Project. We are very happy with the results and we are already enjoying them!
It has been great having you as our architect in this project.

Leidschenveen 2019 House extension

Noffi helped us to realise our “dreamed extension”. She listened to our wishes and made a very good design, with lots of ideas and suggestions that we did not consider initially. Like a skylight in the ceiling, which we love! She has a very good eye for details and is an expert in colors, textiles and lighting. She is very friendly, a good professional and knows many companies/people in the construction & design business.

We are very happy with the results of our extension. We would recommend Noffi to anyone who wants to build/improve/modernise/upgrade his house.

Apartment in the Hague center

Noffi has a sharp eye for detail and is a perfectionist. She is very positive, friendly and very open to comments so that the result is exactly what we dreamed of. Her strong technical background and her care for simple and practical matters, make her work results outstanding.

She gave us very good advice on how to choose the right amount of light for our place and supported us till the selection of the right lighting. She also has good connections in her field and can guide you choose the proper suppliers, which was very important to us as expatriates who did not know the market well.
Moreover, she designed and installed our new wall unit that exactly met our needs and offered us additional storage space that was so much needed. She is always collaborating with the right people so you never have to doubt about the outcome, among others Erik is very skilled and ready to resolve any technical problem that can pop up during the installation.

We strongly believe that her skills and experience make her an excellent choice and therefore we highly recommend her as a consultant and architect!

Perfect Pastry

​I was looking for female architect who has sense for space but also for the beauty. Further, for me it was also important that I have good impression about the person itself and with many architects I didn’t had that.
Q: Which of the following words would you use to describe our service?
– Reliable
– High quality
– Useful
– Good value for the money

​Q: How well did our design meet your needs?
Very well

Scheveningen 2019

Kitchen in Wassenaar

We liked Noffi’s ideas and approach, as well as her friendly attitude and willingness to accept our comments and implement them in the design.

Q: Which of the following words would you use to describe our service?
– Reliable
– High quality
– Useful
– Good value for the money

Q: How well did our design meet your needs?
Very well

​Noffi did an excellent job with our kitchen and we are very happy with the results.

Wassenaar 2019

Schinkel eilanden

Noffi is een enthousiaste gedreven vrouw met veel passie voor haar vak. Door haar inbreng krijgt iedere opdracht, klein of groot, een bijzonder eigen resultaat. Haar manier van werken is erg prettig, ze kan zich goed inleven in de vraag van de opdrachtgever.

Ik kan haar werk dan ook van harte aanbevelen.

Wim Van Krieken project leader & landscape designer, Buro Sant en Co landscape architects (colleague) worked directly with you.

Villa in den Haag

Noffi from Nyel binnenhuisarchitectuur has finished a residential project in the Hague. Big compliments for her work and dedication to this project! Especially the two bathrooms with the extraordinary tile designs in combination with constilo design products!

NYEL makes spaces beautiful!!

Ray BallhausOwner Constilo design business partner). Was with another company when working with you.

Woonhuis in Leiden

In de zomer van 2006 hebben wij ons huis laten verbouwen. Beneden is er een serre bijgebouwd en een nieuwe keuken geplaatst.

Noffi Yelloz heeft ons geholpen met de inrichting en aankleding van kamer en keuken. Dat is ons goed bevallen.

Noffi heeft een scherp oog voor detail en is perfectionistisch ingesteld. Vanwege haar technische achtergrond heeft ze ook aandacht voor simpele en praktische zaken, die je snel over het hoofd ziet bij een verbouwing en inrichting. Ze heeft verder leuke ideeën over de keuze van materialen en constructies. Soms zijn het aparte zaken, maar Noffi is dan heel aktief in het zoeken en contacteren van de juiste leveranciers. Wij kunnen haar daarom van harte aanbevelen als adviseur en architect voor de inrichting van huis en kantoor.

Nog een tip: als je gaat verbouwen betrek Noffi er dan in een vroeg stadium bij, voordat de aannemer wordt gecontracteerd.

Ze kan dan alles beter aansturen.

Koos en Jacintha Groen, Leiden

Villa in Ulvenhout

I can recommend Noffi as an interior designer. From the outset she has a creative insight towards the possibilities of the house, a good feeling for light, colour and space. The drawings and effects are accurate. The personal touch is friendly and cooperative.

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Kathinka Minzinga hired you as a interior designer in 2004

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