Orchids kitchen

Material choice: floor and counter same material and matching colours

Pull-out table: serves as extra counter space and meals for the kids.

Plinth drawer - extra storage space.

From close to open kitchen

View from the dining room - open and spacious kitchen, extra day light in the living room.

Lighting above counter:
Good light without shadow is important for counter work.

Light and space Breaking walls and enlarging the windows made this kitchen pleasant place.

Color choice - range hood, bar chairs and image on the wall bringing harmonious dots of color.

Conservatory Extension - bringing extra space and day light to ground floor.

Custom made counter cupboard hides all the stuff usually visible and messy.

The art of illusion -
how to make a small kitchen look bigger.

Warm & cold color combination

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Kitchens – every inch counts

Here ergonomics is the key word – everything needs to be in good reach and easy to use.

The counter should to be at the right height, you need enough storage space and with good working light.

The kitchen is possibly the most important space in the house it also has to be an inviting place to keep you in.

​What is your dream kitchen?

Transforming a tiny room in the attic into a spacious bathroom by adding a dormer window. Custom made sink to fit

With a smart use of the space even shower fitted in the bathroom.

Shower for two.
Play with tile pattern and LED light.

From dark to bright bathroom.

Adding window, playing with tile pattern,
custom made double sink -
match the lines in floor tiles.

Bisazza mosaic - Floor, wall and ceiling.
Hidden/silent ventilation
above the floating ceiling.

Toilet under the stairs

A look at before and after - from the 70's to a sleek bathroom.

Custom made sink combined with a storage
for the washing machine.

Integrated sink

Camouflaged storage.

From illustration to...


Starting point - finding a good use for this
new concrete framed mirror with two chandeliers.

Flow with the lines.
Reducing by half the hight of the
wall separating the toilet
brings more light and specious
feeling to the bathroom.

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Bathrooms – relax to the max

With a hectic everyday life we need to have a relaxing place where we can spend time for ourselves and unwind.

Our aim at Noffi’s Interior Architecture is to achieve the optimal results for a wellness experience in your own home.

Chic and elegant ambience.
Extra big Leolux couch was specially made for this project.
An exceptionally beautiful slice of Swamp Kauri trunk serves as a coffee table.

Monument villa in the Statenkwartier refurbishing the old fireplace

From old fashioned to modern

Combination of old style and new to endorse the monument house.
The windowsills are integrated with cabinets and desk.

See through fireplace
A large slice of Swamp Kauri used as dining table for 8-10 people.

Mediterranean Living room

Starting points for the color scheme: the carpets.

Mediterranean Living room Israel
Starting points for the color scheme: entrance door color, two blue chairs and a carpet.

The blue color from the chairs and the carpets coming back on the wall and giving the picture extra depth.

By breaking the wall of the hall, more space in the living/ dining room.
It could be done because there is closed stairwell outside this apartment.

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Living rooms and dining rooms

It is in its name – the living room is where you live! Here it’s most important to have the feeling that within this space you are at home and want to stay.

Our goal is to help you to translate your dreams into reality in creative and functional way.

Glass panel wall. Starting point - a golden chandelier and a dream of a window bench.

Creating a cozy sleeping corner and an optimal use of space for storage above the bed.

Converting chimney to bookshelves and upgrading Ikea's cupboards.

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“Sleep that no pain shall wake;
Night that no morn shall break”
Georgina Rossetti

You are about to make very important choices for the quality of your life.

The colours will be the first thing you’ll see when you wake up in the morning.

The flooring you choose is the first thing your bare feet will touch.

Decisions you make now will have strong impact on your life so you have to be certain that they are right.

Decisions you make now will have strong impact on your life so you have to be certain that they are right.

Conference room, staring point - existing table and chairs.

Custom made bar and cabinet and wallpaper.
Special made coating in an extraordinary coloring technic.

Look through fire place, used as a room divider between the conference room and the office.

Extension with a skylight.

Sit/stand desks

Dividing a large living room to deferent use with the help of furnitures

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Work at home –
when working becomes pleasure. ​

With more and more people working from home it’s important to create a space that is inspiring and motivating.

Noffi’s Interior Architecture designs your work space to be inspiring and motivating.

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