Interior architect as a mediator

I see interior design more from the perspective of interpersonal relationships between the architect/ interior designer and the client. Since we are talking about the usage of the space and not only the look, we are talking about establishing an intimate relationship between interior architect and client.

Berlin Bear

I ❤️ Berlin II

I hope you enjoyed the first chapter of I love Berlin.
This time I would like to talk about Berlin as a monument city.

It felt to me as one big memorial place. Wherever you go you can see the damages of the World War II as most of the restorations left the demolished parts marked. On almost every step there is a monument or memorial. It might sound bad with a taste of tourist industry.

Frank-Gehry DZ Bank Berlin

I love ❤️ Berlin

Berlin is a place where art, architecture and culture meet in amazing ways, it’s where I fell completely in love! It was on my wishlist many years to visit but as my longing to see my family once or twice a year came before and then having young kids who wish to have adventures holidays it took me sometime to find the right opportunity.