The impact of colors on our lives

In this article, I would like to share with you my passion for colors and why they are important for our well being.

Since the beginning of time colors and light have played an important role in human existence.

The prehistoric man even though he had poor eyesight realized the importance of colors and early cave paintings were rudimentarily painted by hand using natural pigments found on the cave floor: red and yellow ocher, black manganese and mud. Sometimes crystals in the cave walls added white to the painting.

This article is a general introduction to:

  • What are colors
  • How we experience them and
  • Their healing power

What colors of balls do you see in this picture?
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Colors are illusion!

Our body perceives colors through the light that enters our eye. The information our brain gets as certain color depends on the amount of light. We also absorb light and colors along our skin and with the air we breathe.Our eyes and skin constantly absorb the different vibrations of all color shades and guide the information contained therein to our brains.

Every one of our senses react to colors and light.

Therefore you can have many sorts of color therapies but the good news is that we are able to achieve direct results in our daily lives by simply choosing the right colors in our clothing, food and environment.

In all areas of our lives we can achieve maximum results and develop ourselves optimally with the help of colors.

Colors for healing:

Colors were used early in the context of healing therapies. In ancient Atlantis, physical and mental complaints were treated with colors and crystals. In ancient Greece, Hippocrates, the father of medicine, gave early homeopathic treatments using colored gaskets and ointments.

Feng shui practice talks about the Chi (energy) and that if we use the right colors vibrations in a space, we can create harmony and balance in it. Today, even modern physics have accepted the fact that fixed objects consist of energy that simply vibrates at a different frequencies.

Colors vibrate at a higher frequency than sound. As a result, they exert a deeper effect on the body and trigger stronger reactions.

Why colors are affecting us so strongly?

In our body we have seven main energy centers which are called chakras. The word chakra is an old Sanskrit term that means “wheel”.

The chakras are emotional centers and each corresponds to a specific color, emotional function and bodily organs or body part and the function of an endocrine gland.

Each chakra is sensitive to the light vibration and energy of one of the colors of the rainbow and resonates with it at a certain frequency.

Its constantly absorbs energy from light and colors and therefore continuously pulses. Indians compare the wheels with the opening and closing petals of the lotus.

However, this energy, which passes through all chakras in the body (from bottom upwards), can be blocked or disrupted because of emotional turmoil or external stress. The body becomes unhealthy when this energy is not balanced or not corrected. As a result, toxins can accumulate and this can slowly lead to physical illness.

Therefore, our body needs the thrilling and energy of all the rainbow colors to keep our chakras and organs in balance and health.


The colors are not only a part of our inner body but an invisible energy field or aura, which is made up of different colored layers, surrounds us all. The colors we project every day show how healthy we are spiritually and emotionally.

Colors and emotions:

While we all respond to the energy of different colors, each color also releases a unique emotional response within us.

In other words, when ten people look at the same green color, they will all respond differently. Some may associate the color with a pleasant or unpleasant recognition, which is again awakened by the color for years to come.

shades of green

One may remember green as fresh grass; I, for example, have unhappy memories from dark green. In junior school I had to wear a very strict uniform with a dark green pullover and later in life I had to wear a green army uniform. Both experiences limited my freedom.

In general, we respond positively to the strong energy of bright colors, while dull colors will have gloomy effect on us.

If you wish to learn more about the symbolism, emotions and effects of each color through chakras and feng shui, I give an interactive workshop about it, please contact me for details.

I hope you enjoyed reading and you are welcome to comment and share.

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