Embrace your baby room with plants

This is my fourth article about plants and even though it is about plants in a baby room they can be valuable in any other bedroom since what is good for your baby is likely good for you as well.

1. Cyclamen

Cyclamen is flower that grows around the Mediterranean, especially in the cold and northern regions. One of its main benefits is that it helps to improve the wellbeing of babies at night because of its ability to help prevent insomnia and discomfort.

In addition, cyclamen also helps prevent depression so you can place it in any room where you spend long period of time.

2. Coffea

From the same family as the coffee plant, Coffea grows mainly in Africa, Asia and South America. The coffee plant is considered a natural air purifier which helps clear the air from various harmful molecules, such as formaldehyde, trichlorethylene and phenol (see previous articles for details about those gases).

Coffea arabica is an upright, tropical, evergreen shrub or small tree. Indoor container plants typically grow up to 1.8m tall. The leaves are glabrous, glossy, elliptical and dark green, with prominent veins and wavy margins. The fruits (berries) are green gradually mature to yellow, light red and finally deep red. Berries are edible with a pulpy grape-like texture, but it is the seeds (coffee beans) that are coveted.

The Coffea begins to produce between April and May beautiful and fragrant white flowers, star-shaped, which remind Jasmine. About a month after the flowers appear, the aroma of the flowers is at its strongest and the petals begin to fall to the ground. Left behind after the flowers fall is the carpel, which will eventually mature into a coffee cherry.

As you can see this plant is very special as in every fase it gives you a new color in your room.

3. Hibiscus​


There are about 200-220 different species in different colors in the family of known hibiscus plants.

This is a plant that is especially recommended for home growing because it creates a microclimate – a small but significant change in temperature and humidity – in the room where it is located, and the phytoncides it contains make the air cleaner and healthier. Moreover, other plants tend to grow faster near hibiscus.

4. Lemongrass​

The Lemongrass repels insects, pests and lizards as they hate its sharp citrus scent.

As babies are sensitive to mosquitoes bites, I recommend placing such a plant in their room.

If you have a garden you can plant it there and the whole house will benefit from it.

You can also add it to your food for further body protection.


5. Mosquito repellents


In addition to the Lemongrass there are some plants that are known as mosquito repellents because of their strong aroma, including Geraniums, Melissa and the Plexus plant.

It is possible to plant these plants in pots and put them on the window sill.

The smell can keep the mosquitoes away and the window of the room could remain open. This will allow you to enjoy both decorative plants and have fresh air in your room.

Next article will be the last one in this series and it will be about plants for the bathroom.

It brings me a lot of joy to receive messages from you about reading my articles and straight away go and look for the plants I mentioned in the store.

You probably will find other air purifier plants there and they are all good, just check if they suit your lifestyle and your space before purchasing. Some of them are sensitive to lack of water, some need sun some not. The ones on the lists in my articles are very easy to grow and are very forgiving but

The more love you give them the better they will look.

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