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Proposal to the "Golden ideas" contest for the reformation of  The Hague City Center
Barefoot garden

The climate in the town is harsh and gritty, there is not much outdoor entertainment for residences especially not for kids.

This concept is aimed to create a central place with a natural / wellness attraction that provides an improvement to the city's overall climate and where one's senses can be stimulated.

Concept for Zoetermeer Stads-r-evolutie

The route from Zoetermeer central station to the city center is dull. This concept was created to give an answer to this problem and was submitted to the Stads-r-evolutie call.

It was a low cost uplifting of the ugly, grey buildings from the 70's, a homage to Hundertwasser's work. 


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People commit to what they create

Goal:  make the route from Holland Spoor

to the Haagse Markt a cultural and tourist attraction.

Workshops: We bring ideas together with and for the neighborhood.

Action: Carry out the design to reality.

Transfer: The parties involved get the tools to develop the place further.

This concept is still in progress, more information to come in the future.