Interior design The Hague

Interior design The Hague

When you think of interior design in The Hague and the surrounding area, you probably think of professionals who can help you redecorate your home or business. In this way, your home will look exactly the way you want it to. While this is certainly what we do when we provide you with an interior design in The Hague, we don’t only tell you how we think you decorate your home, but we can also actually provide furniture for your new interior. In fact, we do furniture design, allowing you to put truly unique and specially made furniture in your home. 

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Why would you want interior design in The Hague from our experts?

Besides the fact that we are very skilled in making interior designs and realizing your dream place, we also know very well what furniture may or may not fit in a particular space. This is why we can accurately assess whether a sofa made especially for you can give your living space that extra sparkle that you are looking for. Nowadays, it is very easy to buy all kinds of furniture from large companies. Although this is certainly not wrong, you will certainly not be the only one with a particular piece of furniture. If you want your home or room to be truly perfect for you, then furniture design can play a big part in that. So we can design that unique furniture for you.

How do we work as interior designers in The Hague?

When you come to us to redesign one or more rooms, we take the following steps. First, of course, we have to gather information. After all, we are going to work for you and therefore need to know exactly what you want and don’t want. Your lifestyle, favorite colors and materials you like all play a big role in creating a perfect interior design. We will also tell you what the estimated costs and time span will be. This first meeting is completely free of charge. Then we get to work on designing your interior. We make sure that we are in frequent contact with each other, so that you can give us feedback at any time. Then we look at colors, materials and other finer details of the interior. Once we have received your green light for this as well, we as interior architects in The Hague will finalize the design. The final steps consist of buying the furniture and putting it in the right place.

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